Monday, 13 January 2014


With glorious weather predicted for most of the weekend there was only one place to be on Saturday and that was Ramsgate Cemetary.Arriving just before midday there was the usual Kent Birders on site and within seconds the bird was whizzing from branch to branch and tree to tree.In a two and half session many pictures were taken and I was pleased with the top one.On Sunday I spent an hour chasing round the male Black Redstart at the port and despite some good views it was extremely difficult to photograph so I settled for a friendly Shag in the harbour.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


In previous years New Year's Day had been heralded in with decent weather and birds such as Lapland Bunting,Shorelark and Waxwing likely to crop up on the list...not this year and it was amazing that Marc and myself managed to see the birds we did!When you don't even manage Kestrel,Kingfisher,Redwing and Collared Dove you know it's been hard work.The camera never even left the bag in always dismal conditions and sometimes monsoonal rain.We started off at Minnis Bay and then drove to the Towers and walked back via the Railway Embankment.We started off reasonably well with 2 Snow Buntings flying high over the sea and settling somewhere on the shingle by the Towers.More common species followed but we couldn't even find a Grey Heron.A single Grey Wagtail livened proceedings somewhat and we received a text that a Yellowhammer was on the Embankment.Now I'm sure for a lot of you Yellowhammer is no big deal...but in Reculver terms this is big.You can easily go a whole year without seeing one.After a long, long search Marc finally found it sitting miserably at the bottom of a bush.A smart Male and the undoubted highlight of the day.We made it Minnis in driving rain and high winds and after drying out we had a quick seawatch adding Red Throated Diver and Guillemot(ordinary).Despite everything 56 species was reasonable and I will try and make a reasonable effort to beat my 178 species of 2 years ago.

Monday, 30 December 2013


In very gloomy conditions I managed to find the Snow Bunting flock that Chris Gibbard found yesterday.I reckon there are 40+ birds which is certainly the most I've seen in Kent.Above are two very dodgy pictures which were taken at about 3.45.If  you get a chance go and see them they really are great little birds.I caught up with them on the beach and the dunes area underneath the pumping station.

Sunday, 29 December 2013


With the best chance of sunshine for a week I hoped to photograph some Purple Sandpipers which had been at Hampton Pier in Herne Bay for a while.Having seen some pictures by Marc I hoped to emulate them.However having seen a Caspian Gull fest down at Dunge I tried to persuade Heathy that a trip would be in order particularly if Mick Southcott could pick them out for us in the1000s present. Unfortunately Marc only had an hour so we arrived in glorious sunshine and soon found them feeding on the shoreline.It was tricky lighting but we managed some decent pictures.Although there had been 3 birds recorded it soon became 4.The forecast looks shocking for the week so the lads who made it to the Guilli. and the Diver did well today.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Saturday was dull and gloomy and expectations weren't too high, with very little seen at Reculver during the week except a few wandering Snow Bunts. and 3 Bewick Swans.Marc and myself managed to pick out the Bewick's in the gloom from the seawall whilst grazing at Brook.The stroll to Cold Harbour and back was very uneventful except for a Merlin followed by a Kestrel followed by a Marsh Harrier.Sounds a bit like an Aldi ad for a 3 bird roast.On our return we tried to refind a dual ringed Rock Pipit but only managed some pics of a naked mate.A drive round to Brook a least allowed me to point my camera at the adut Bewick's