Sunday, 5 December 2010


To stop Marc eventually being arrested for 'cruising' the lanes of East Kent I agreed to meet him 'early' this morning for a spot of Owl hunting.  One Barn Owl and two LONG-EARED OWLS  later we arrived at a distinctly chilly Reculver at just after 7.00am.  Fifteen minutes later Heathy managed to park his car on the verge and we set off along the sea wall.  Fifty-one Mute Swans were grazing in the field and two Shelducks were sitting on the sea along with rafts of duck which consisted of Teal, Mallard, Wigeon and Gadwall.  Around the Oyster Farm we noted four Little Grebe, Dunlin, Redshank and Kingfisher.  Ten Bar-Tailed Godwits flew West in three separate groups whilst c400 Brent Geese were around Cold Harbour.  Twenty-four Lapwing soon became twenty-three when a persistent Peregrine finally achieved his quarry.  Along the shore Sanderling, Turnstone and Grey Plover and fourteen Ringed Plover made the notebook.  On our walk back from Cold Harbour a MERLIN was noted at sea and a Marsh Harrier battled with the Peregrine for the remnants of the Lapwing.  Two SNOW BUNTINGS flew overhead and a single bird allowed Marc a photo opportunity.  Exchaning greetings with the Hindles we made our way back to the Towers seeing a single Eider sitting on the sea.  The Kestrel was again occupying its favourite window sill on the Towers.

Returning to Broadstairs I decided to pop-in to Park Avenue to see if any WAXWINGS still remained.  Pleasingly thirty-seven birds were still there feeding on the bushes and trees by the bus stop. To paraphrase Dr. Johnson "A man who is tired of Waxwings is tired of life".

Hopefully, this posting will satisfy those literary giants Heath and Chidwick who were very quick to point out my failure to spell MARTYN correctly last week.


  1. B+ Phil. A good report with good use of grammar and puntuation. Hopefully you will continue to work to these high standards!!!! have a good week.

  2. There is only one thing more suspicious than a man driving around the country lanes of Reculver, early and in the dark, and that is two men driving around the country lanes of Reculver, early and in the dark. The listening to Owls excuse does not wash with me, as you can easily by a c.d, either your burglers, or !!! no surely not.