Sunday, 29 September 2013


For once a half decent picture
The Spotted Crake not obscured by reeds
Two posts in a day!Saturday I decided to go and hopefully see the Crake at Oare and the Lesser Yellowlegs at Cliffe.However,the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.As Burns rightly observed the ....Crake showed magnificently down to a few metres and then it was a quick dash to Cliffe for the Yellowlegs.Thanks to Gary Howard for the use of the scope.Good day but a bit of route march


Thanks to Marc for this photograph...always quicker of the mark than me.
I wasn't planning on a trip out today after a long vigil for the Crake at Oare and a flying visit to Cliffe for the Lesser Yellowlegs yesterday.However, with news of a Two barred Crossbill found by Neil Burt this morning at Challock I hoped that something local might arrive.A few more sightings of Yellow Browed Warblers and then I received Heathy's "Tweet" of a R-B Fly at Reculver.Having added Pec. Sand earlier this year ,the opportunity to add to my Reculver list was too good a chance to miss.Arriving just before 12.30 the bird had not been seen for about 40 minutes.There was a decent gathering of "Kent's Finest" and after a few false alarms the bird flitted onto a dead branch in clear view for a moment and then jumped to the branch above before it  disappeared right.Always great to see this rare Kent species and although not as showy as the Dunge bird a few year's back it is always nice to see one.Good to catch up with  a few people I haven't seen much of later...and hopefully this heralds the promise of more to come.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Dotterel nearly in another county
Wryneck at Cliftonville
Obliging Wheatear
Apologies for the lack of posts during the Summer but a lack of birds and the arrival of our first Grandson has meant birding has taken a bit of a back seat.However, it was great to see a Wryneck so close to home the other week and a big thanks to Barry for finding this great little bird.With a Dotterel at Bockhill I thought it was worth the effort to see one of my favourite birds.On arrival it was obvious this was not going to be like the Sandwich Bay bird of a few years ago,which you could almost pick up.It stayed loyal to the middle of the field in the hour I viewed it and the photograph is a record,record shot.I'm sure you'll agree it is similar to a few of Grove's Wilson Phal. shots from a few years back and a couple of Spot. Crakes I've seen.Well done to Tony Morris for getting 200 yards closer to the bird.