Sunday, 8 September 2013


Dotterel nearly in another county
Wryneck at Cliftonville
Obliging Wheatear
Apologies for the lack of posts during the Summer but a lack of birds and the arrival of our first Grandson has meant birding has taken a bit of a back seat.However, it was great to see a Wryneck so close to home the other week and a big thanks to Barry for finding this great little bird.With a Dotterel at Bockhill I thought it was worth the effort to see one of my favourite birds.On arrival it was obvious this was not going to be like the Sandwich Bay bird of a few years ago,which you could almost pick up.It stayed loyal to the middle of the field in the hour I viewed it and the photograph is a record,record shot.I'm sure you'll agree it is similar to a few of Grove's Wilson Phal. shots from a few years back and a couple of Spot. Crakes I've seen.Well done to Tony Morris for getting 200 yards closer to the bird.

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