Saturday, 18 December 2010


After last week's rather lame headline at least today it is a realistic one.  Deciding to stay fairly local I hoped to connect with some Wawings this morning before the expected snow arrived.  Drawing a blank at Pysons Road, although there were still many berry laden bushes I moved onto the Haine Road Industrial Estate where a flock of approximately 35 birds were seen yesterday.  Again there was no sign of any birds.

Finally, I hoped to find some at Stoneless where incredible numbers had been recorded midweek.  Passing the entrance to the Golf Course I immediately saw approximately 40 birds and they were soon feeding on the berries along the lane.

About 10.15 a.m. another 56 birds arrived to make a total of 96 WAXWINGS.  I watched them for another 20 minutes and they seemed extremely settled.  However, when a lorry passed all the birds took to the skies and flew over the Golf Course.  There are still an incredible amount of berry laden bushes and there is no reason why they should move on.  Apart from the Grove birds of 2008 this is the closest I've been to Waxwings and a great opportunity for any photographers or Birders to "Connect" with these fantastic birds.

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