Sunday, 6 February 2011


Apologies for the 'Carry On' style heading but adding a Shag to the Reculver year list really was the highlight of yesterday.  Arriving at the Towers just after seven the 'Owl Whisperer' had only just arrived allowing himself the luxury of a lie-in.  Fortunately, he had availed himself of the facilities at his home and we started a fairly pointless sea-watch.  The poorly Eider that 'Batman and Robin' had spotted earlier in the week drifted past and small groups of Brent made their way to Cold Harbour.  After last week's Diver fest only 3 whizzed past along with small gangs of Oystercatcher, I fortunately picked a Shag out flying east which at least livened up our first half-hour.

We decided to try our luck at Minnis Bay and a stroll to the riding stables was fairly fruitless.  Marc picked out a Kestel which was sitting on top of the main stables and as we looked out over Shuart I saw the HOODED CROW fly over the railway line and alight in a nearby field.  Heathy dusted the cobwebs off his camera and tried to photograph the Crow which then promptly flew off in the direction of the Oyster Farm.  We reached the sea wall and scanning the beach Marc found the second HOODED CROW feeding with his more common brethren on the mussel beds.  We walked along the tide line and Marc happily fired off lots of shots of Sanderling, Turnstone, Grey Plover, Ringed Plover and anything that moved.  Thanks very much for the photos underneath and hopefully next week I'll nail that elusive Jackdaw.


  1. Phil, was this the event you were trying to book me a seat on. I admire your true British tenacity in pacing up and down that sea wall in the Reculver wind and winter gloom. Still, a shag is a shag.

  2. This is so inspiring! I wish I could go bird watching with you! :D

  3. I always bird watch at minnis bay, I hope to see you there sometime. I was there on the weekend and managed to spot a pigeon with only two legs, I felt really sorry for him.

  4. hey baby!
    Goshh! shags do make a difference dont they?!
    I love shagss!!!!!
    They are intresting and adventerous and i hope we can share the experiance together one day.

  5. Hello IHeartBirds,
    If your looking for a shag i'm sure I can help you find one! I am also a fan of great tits!
    See you soon hopefully! ;)

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  7. Hey ramsagte birder and margate birder..
    You too seem so intresting!
    The other day when i was out, i saw seagull with 2 legs with just 1 foot? LOL
    yeah margate birder im up for that you sex god!!
    1 love phil Parker; My Idol!

  8. Who's Phil Parker? You been cheating on me before it even got to start!? I thought we were going to go dogging and see if we could spot a Red Throated Diver? Well to be honest IHeartBirds I don't think it's fair to carry this on... So I guess I will never see you, like I will never see the extinct dodo bird...

  9. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick 'MargateBirder' because phil parker is the sexy creator of this inspiring site;)
    No you're right you will never see me.. and you will never see the extinct dodo bird...I want to see you Phillip! i love you long time xxxxxxxxxxxxx