Sunday, 2 October 2011


I wasn't planning on going out this morning but a phone-call from Marc had me speeding down the dual carriageway at speeds almost approaching 60 mph.  The reason for the dash was an OSPREY which seemed to be quite happily sitting in the Oyster Farm on a post.  I spent 45 minutes trying to take a reasonable record shot at about 250 yards and compared to Marc's, when the bird was at Cold Harbour, it is quite embarrassing.  However, I'll let you be the judge.  Heathy also had a RAVEN which he believed had dropped into the fields beyond the railway embankment and line.  I pulled into the lay-by by the Roman Galley and spent the next fifteen minutes scanning the fields.  By pure luck the RAVEN took to the air from a field hidden by trees and flew over my head and the Thanet Way.  This was not only a year tick but a new bird for Reculver for me.  Nice end to a good and unexpected bonus morning.