Saturday, 14 April 2012


With high hopes after yesterday's excellent tick fest today was a little disappointing.Heathy had been up before he went to bed and prowled the recording area for Groppers and Nightingales.Being successful on the Nightingale front a cheery little grin was on his face as I met him in Chamber's Wall car park at 6.30.Over the next 4 hours we tried hard to find a few migrants but generally failed miserably.The stroll to the sea began with 3 Whitethroats and 6 Sedge Warblers and the undoubted highlight of the morning when a lone Whimbrel whizzed by calling loudly .The session yielded 2 Yellow Wagtails fewer Swallows than yesterday and the walk inland via the Oyster Farm,Green Wall and railway embankment was almost birdless.The notebook was extremely empty until back at the car I managed to add a year tick in the form of a Peregrine. Marc offered me some expert tuition in the art of photographing Sand Martins at the Bishopstone colony and with  about 25 birds to choose from, I managed to take about 50 blurred images of the sky.I spent about 30 minutes gazing out to sea in the hope of a Tern or Fulmar but to no avail!


  1. Excellent shot of the Whimbrel 'whizzing by' Phil.

  2. I think you should sell that camera Phil, who's photo have you nicked today? Have a good week.

  3. Nice sharp image in flight! Weel done.