Friday, 28 December 2012


With rain forecast for the next few months at least a small window of brightness arrived on Boxing Day and I was determined to make the most of it. I decided to go to Herne Bay to try and photograph the Purple Sandpipers that seem quite content there.Arriving at high tide the birds, 3 in all seemed to want to sit as far away as possible.However they did come a little closer and I managed 1 decent shot with another of a group of Redshanks. Moving on to Tescos at Whitstable 28 Waxwings were happily feeding in between the shoppers and along with Mike Gould I snapped away happily for an hour.Finally a big thanks to all who read this rubbish each time I post and hopefully I'll have a few more birds to reflect on next year.Highlights this year were undoubtedly seeing a real bogie bird for me in the form of a Little Bunting and in Kent and finally getting Kentish Puffin and Storm Petrel in half an hour at Grenham Bay .Big  thanks to Heathy as always for putting up with me!

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