Sunday, 2 December 2012


Yesterday morning I persuaded my wife to take a detour after shopping to see if the two Waxwings at the Haine Road Industrial Estate were still there. On arrival the two had been joined by twenty seven other chums. In brilliant sunshine some of the birds were feeding only three or four metres away! Rushing home to get the camera I returned to the scene to empty trees. Unfortunately I had a date at Ebbsfleet to see the mighty Grimsby in the Conference so couldn't stay long. Today in much better conditions if possible the large flock at Stonelees delighted alarge audience with most of the usual suspects on show.The birds whilst I was there numbered around a hundred and were constantly mobile although I did manage a few shots. Thanks to Tim Gutsell for his advice on settings they don't look too bad.There were also significant numbers of Winter Thrushes with the Redwing probably outnumbering the Fieldfare.


  1. Ahhhh, that's what its called a 'detour'. I called it a 'compromise' in the same shopping circumstances with my wife the other day.

    A good number of birds for you eventually, and some excellent shots too Phil.

  2. I wanna see a waxwing this year.

  3. Good to see you again Phil, photos look good, we found some more Waxwings at the obs along with a Brambling.