Saturday, 23 July 2011


Arriving at just before 5.50 a.m. this morning I was still tired but looked fantastic in comparison with Heathy who had been partying until 2.00 p.m. in Canterbury.  A gentle stroll down to Cold Harbour had us noting most of the usual summer species.  5 Common Scoter flew West and were joined by c30 Sand Martin at sea.  A family party of 8 Shelduck were on the Oyster Farm and this morning we only noted 2 Sandwich Tern.  Marc'c camera soon found some action when a particularly large gentleman cycled past and soon revealed from the rear view a large expanse of bottom crease therefore the heading today.  A single Whimbrel diverted us momentarily and the first of two texts initially had us looking towards to the Thanet Way in search of two Spoonbills that had left Grove and were heading in our direction.  Unfortunately, we never connected with them but a second text from Matt and Chris had us scurrying back to the car.  They had caught a TREECREEPER at Brook which not only gave me a respectable 150 species for the year but was also a new bird for me at Reculver.  Julian and Alex Perry alerted us to White Letter Hairstreaks at Bishopstone Glen.  A difficult species to identify at speed and height with Marc not quite getting a good enough I.D. on some butterflies to clinch it.  We returned to the Towers and added a juvenile MEDITERRANEAN GULL.  Off to Guernsey tomorrow for 6 days where hopefully I'll add Short-Toed Treecreeper.

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