Saturday, 7 January 2012


Having to work this morning time was very limited so I decided to pay an afternoon visit to Margate Cemetary in the hope of photographing the long staying Bullfinch and perhaps a Firecrest.Steve Tomlinson had very kindly contacted me to let me know where to locate the Bullfinch and I set off from home in glorious sunshine.Within ten minutes of arriving the sky became  overcast and remained so for the whole of the visit making photography pretty pointless. I had an enjoyable couple of hours but failed miserably to find any of the targets.However I did record the following species,2 Goldfinch,4 Greenfinch,8 Long-Tailed Tit,3 Blue Tit ,1 Great Tit ,1,Green Woodpecker.Hopefully,I'll return soon and Steve will give me a guided tour and help me find some of what I missed.


  1. Mr Heath was reportedly seen wandering around Reculver in circles like a rudderless ship, you need to get back there to steer him in the right direction. How do teachers work on a Saturday ?

  2. Hopefully your next visit will be more successful.