Saturday, 31 March 2012


The picture of the Great Northern Diver I  would have taken !
Unfortunately, for Marc today's headline does not refer to his height or manhood as I will explain later.  Today was grey and dull with no opportunities for any photographs, but we did have a reasonably successful session.  Starting from the Towers just after 7.00 a.m. Heathy already straining at the leash had made it to the Oyster Farm.  The last embers of Brent Geese (3) made my notebook along with Grey Heron, Shelduck (6) and Little Egret.  As we reached Cold Harbour a GREAT NORTHERN DIVER was spotted offshore and afforded year ticks for both of us.  We found the bird on our return along with Derek Smith who had strolled in from Chamber's Wall and had found a Swallow.  At Cold Harbour we discovered 19 Redshank and 3 Dunlin.  During our coffee break I picked up two of 5 Gannets today and we also added a year tick in the form of Common Scoter flying rapidly East.  Walking inland we met Anne and Chris Hindle who had an unremarkable walk in from Chambers Wall.  We decided to walk along the embankment but soon retraced our steps when Chris told us of a SEDGE WARBLER at the Wantsum outflow.  After connecting with it our return was unspectactular but we did find three Sand Martin at the colony at Bishopstone.  However, we did meet Robbie the Greyhound who was also known as 'Big Boy'.  Every time its owner shouted 'Big Boy' Heathy looked up expectantly, but it was not to be.  Hope the weather improved for your family barbecue this afternoon Marc.

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